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Shelby Organics Recovery Center 

Announcing Burnham’s new food waste to RNG project in Shelby County, Indiana

The Shelby Organics Recovery Center (SORC) just outside of Morristown in Shelby County, Indiana, will convert organic waste from food processing into Renewable Natural Gas and soil enhancers rich in nutrients for use in local agriculture. This transformation will utilize the safe, proven, centuries-old method of Anaerobic Digestion.

Justin Rumsey

Director, Origination

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The project will partner with Caldwell’s Inc., a local, family-owned organic waste management and composting company based in Morristown to deliver the organic waste and handle the nutrient-rich digestate. The SORC will be co-located at the Caldwell’s existing Compost Facility just west of the Morristown Landfill.

What about odor? Will the food processing byproducts cause it to smell?

No, the entire facility operations, from organics delivery to storage of the nutrient-rich soil amendment, will be enclosed. Anaerobic digestion is a proven organic waste odor reduction technology that will significantly reduce, if not eliminate, any odor created by Caldwell's composting feedstock. If you get within a few feet of the soil amendment, it should smell like the garden center at a big box store.

The Renewable Natural Gas produced at the SORC will be enough to provide gas for over 6,000 homes in Indiana each year.

In addition, the project will create 15 new full-time jobs in the County and include an apprenticeship program.

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