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Pasco Resource Recovery Center

Case Study

Using RNG production to manage net wastewater treatment costs and improve sustainability

Justin Rumsey

Director, Origination

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The Pasco Resource Recovery Center (“PRRC”) is a partnership between Burnham RNG and the City of Pasco to expand the city’s industrial wastewater treatment capabilities.


This new facility will turn industrial process water into clean water, generate Renewable Natural Gas (“RNG”) and help the region grow agribusiness jobs and opportunities as it emerges as a leading center for food production and processing.

Download the full Case Study here to see how we transformed the City of Pasco.

Wastewater Infrastructure Expansion

• Increase wastewater treatment capacity

• Utilize a cost effective Public Private Partnership

Biosolids & Sludge Management

• Transform waste biosolids into valuable products

• Reduce biosolids disposal cost and regulatory risk

Improve Sustainability Outcomes

• Reduce carbon footprint

• Demonstrate sustainability leadership

Monetize RNG

• Reduce net treatment costs by selling RNG under long-term agreements

How did Burnham help the City of Pasco?

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Learn how we were able to help the City of Pasco to expand their industrial wastewater treatment capabilities.

Learn how Burnham helped the Pasco Resource Recovery Center turn wastewater into clean water through the development of RNG.

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