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Meet Burnham RNG

Burnham is a wastewater and agricultural waste to RNG provider that helps communities profitably reduce treatment & disposal costs, improve environmental outcomes and re-use energy, water, and nutrients.

The company is focused on efforts to turn waste into valuable resources. Burnham manages and reuses organic waste and wastewater by transforming it into renewable natural gas, clean water, and high-value soil additives that enhance sustainability and profitability.

Led by professionals with decades of bioenergy experience, Burnham combines entrepreneurial flexibility with a commitment to operational excellence. The company is tightly aligned with Sustainable Energy Ventures, an experienced developer of RNG projects across the Pacific Northwest. And it’s backed by Ares Management Corporation, a leading global alternative investment management firm with over $395 billion of assets under management.

We help communities convert wastewater and other organic waste into an asset. It starts with converting biogas into valuable renewable natural gas (RNG). By marketing and selling RNG and capturing associated tax benefits, Burnham can significantly reduce the cost of waste treatment and disposal while improving environmental outcomes. Burnham is a turnkey solutions provider that can build, finance and operate these facilities.

Our Mission

Transforming waste into energy and opportunity


Profitably Monetize Waste

Your organic waste is an asset. Burnham helps you to monetize it.


Focus On Carbon

We are partners that can help you profitably reduce or eliminate carbon emissions from your wastewater operations.


Precision Manufacturing Approach

Our operations team comes from automotive manufacturing applied to bioenergy; we use a six-sigma approach to continuous operational improvement. 


Solutions, Not Products 

Every customer is different; we take a consultative, solutions-based approach to each situation. We don’t sell equipment. 


Turnkey Solutions 

We are end-to-end partners. From development, to financing to construction and operations, Burnham can take the complexity out of organic waste management. 


Circular Minded 

Burnham aims for ‘not one wasted drop.’ Your wastewater is loaded with energy, nutrients, and clean water. Burnham develops solutions to capture those valuable resources. 

Meet Our Team - Burnham RNG

Mike Carter

VP, Engineering & Operations

Justin Hopkins

Director, Corporate Development

Jonni Anwar

VP, Finance & Accounting

Justin Rumsey

Director, Origination

Emma Kellogg

Manager, Business Operations

Chris Tynan

Founder & CEO

Georgia Minni

Process Engineer

Ian Piro

Senior Director, Corporate Development

Mark Palmquist

Director, Capital Projects

John Barclay

Construction Project Manager

Ohad Rotem

Director, Engineering

Philip Park

Manager, Finance

Hailey Ihlow

Construction Project Engineer

Kevin Friel


Jason Meloy

General Manager, PRRC

Meet Our SEV Partners

Ralph Epling

Eric "Ric" Redman

Alicia Krueger

Walker Dimming

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