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Ending Emissions from Waste

Helping communities convert organic waste into clean energy, water, and fertilizer


Engaging with Burnham

Led by seasoned professionals with decades of bioenergy experience, Burnham’s solutions-oriented approach creates customer-specific solutions to customer-specific problems. We are not equipment providers. We don’t sell products. We work with each customer individually to find the right technical and commercial solution for your situation.

From sludge to biosolids to other forms of organic waste, we help our customers profitably capture the value of biogas, water, and fertilizer value to reduce net treatment and disposal costs


Manage Waste Profitably

Waste disposal is an opportunity, not a challenge

Burnham helps customers create a more sustainable future by reducing carbon and other harmful emissions


Improve Environmental Outcomes

Reduce your carbon footprint by permanently and profitably removing methane and other greenhouse gases from your operations


Water & Nutrient Recovery

Water, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous are all valuable resources, we help you capture that value

Burnham creates custom solutions that allows our customers to create value by re-using wastewater and soil nutrients


Turnkey Solutions

We are not just another technology provider, we develop solutions in collaboration with our partners

Burnham can build, finance, operate and maintain your project. We take the pain out of waste management by managing day-to-day operations, commercial arrangements, financing, and tax incentives, and we share in risk management


Transforming waste into energy and opportunity

We help communities convert wastewater and other organic waste into an asset. It starts with converting biogas into valuable renewable natural gas (RNG). By marketing and selling RNG and capturing associated tax benefits, Burnham can significantly reduce the cost of waste treatment and disposal while improving environmental outcomes. Burnham is a turnkey solutions provider that can build, finance and operate these facilities.


Waste into Value

Transform waste into valuable renewable resources - including clean energy, clean water and organic soil additives. Let us help you transform your waste into valuable resources and profit.

Ending Emissions

from Waste 

 Helping communities convert organic waste into clean energy, water, and fertilizer 

Pasco Resource Recovery Center

Case Study

Using RNG production to manage net wastewater treatment costs and improve sustainability

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